Understanding HBOT

Oxygen is a drug and needs to be administered as a drug

It is not possible to determine every physical, chromosomal and metabolic benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as everyday more discoveries are being explored and positive results are being documented. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy saturates the body and it’s fluids with oxygen; up to 6 times normal levels. Listed for you are some things that are known to be and some things that are believed to be benefits of hyperbaric oxygen;

  • Promotes angiogenesis and wound healing
  • Kills certain anaerobes and inhibits the growth of some bacteria
  • Reduces gas bubbles in the bloodstream; decompression sickness / gas emboli
  • Stimulates white blood cells (T-cells); improves immune response
  • New blood vessels formation
  • Reduces or eliminates the effect of toxic substances
  • Potent anti-flammatory effects
  • Reduces the effect of radiation-induced injury to bone, soft tissue and organs
  • Stimulates growth of new capillaries; restoring/improving circulation thus reducing or eliminating hypoxic and ischemic areas
  • Reduces edema (swelling) in cells, tissues and blood vessels; intracranial pressure and trauma to the body
  • Bone repair
  • Increases the availability of brain neurotransmitter function